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The importance of a clean room/lab

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

So a clean room or lab as it where is vital to continued success. They are cheap and easy to make only costing on average about 65$ to make. You WILL NEVER BEAT YOUR HVAC system !!!!!. Not a flowhood or SAB will beat out your hvac system. So the best work around is to isolate away from it. Look around your house ???? Walk in closet??? Maybe in the dinning room???? Maybe in the master bedroom????. Find it . Where ever it is. Get some 6 mil roll plastic a zipper door and some wide gorilla duct tape and presto you just won.

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Unknown member
25. Aug. 2022

I'm going too build this, I'm hoping this year? We shall see what the knee injuries dictate. Glad you got this done. I'm getting the hang of my TMU Rig. I'm going to try 1st to replicate a bigger one. It has been a challenge to get anything done. The TMU I call it my Rig... I am getting the way it works and Carl is always pointing me in the right direction.

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Walt Harder
Walt Harder
24. Aug. 2022

Carl made the suggestion of isolating my lab from my HVAC when I had the pleasure of talking to him face to face. I did exactly as he stated above. Sealed off my walk-in closet, installed a small room air purifier w/HEPA filter. And it’s true, TOTAL DIFFERENCE!!! Mush love!

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Unknown member
25. Aug. 2022
Antwort an

I need to have the house vents cleaned. 32? Years. It is time. I have so much stuff here and still recovering. 1st, I must get so much more out of the house. It's just been building up. I can't keep up right now with everything. I'm trying. I do have Pur Blue? Air cleaners ,but I am so far behind now? This will be a great purge of stuff. I'm going to take a saws all to a couch and put a hunk of a nice leather couch outta here. LOL as I always say, my house looks like the site of a mass goat explosion took place in here. It just keeps coming in?

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